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Residency Program


Our residency program is the defining aspect of our department and the recruitment and selection of each class are among the most important aspects of what we do each year.

Although a number of residency programs in anesthesiology offer an excellent education, they nonetheless differ in various ways. Your career will be influenced for the rest of your life by the unique features of the program you now choose. The department is gauged by its residents, who are on the front line of patient care. Their caliber and accomplishments define us throughout the hospitals.

At UC San Diego, we provide our residents a personalized experience that prepares them for their chosen career path. Our residents can expect a tailored and unique experience due to the diverse background of our faculty which ranges from extensive experience in private practice, to nationally regarded specialty trained anesthesiologists, to physician scientists.

A Unique Experience

Our residents benefit from a distinct patient population and the collegial relationship with renowned surgeons that pioneered procedures such as combined heart-liver transplants and Pulmonary Thrombo-endarterectomy.

At UC San Diego, we have created a unique education for our residents that provides them with a perioperative experience ranging from an Anesthesia Preparedness Clinic that reviews and manages preoperative issues for all elective cases, to forward thinking regional anesthesia and acute pain services that promote opioid sparing anesthetics, to complex neurosurgical and multi-disciplinary oncological cases. We also collaborate with the Naval Residency Programs at the Balboa Naval Hospital and train their residents in anesthetics, critical care medicine, and airway management.

The Anesthesia Critical Care service provides residents the opportunity to manage all of our ECMO patients and advanced cardiac devices for the hospitals. If you come to UC San Diego with an open and ambitious mind, we promise you that training here will provide you with all of the tools necessary in order to excel as an anesthesiologist, wherever you go.

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