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Division of Neuroanesthesia

About the Division

The UC San Diego Neurosurgical practice at the Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, CA is growing with the addition of multiple surgeons in both brain and spine surgery. With 5–10 craniotomy procedures per week and significantly more spine cases per week, the program is set to become a leader in advanced neurosurgical procedures in Southern California. The total neurosurgical case volume at UC San Diego is about 3,600 cases per year between 2 hospital systems at La Jolla and Hillcrest.

We perform the entire spectrum of anesthesia for neurosurgical procedures:

  1. Brain: tumors (anterior, middle and posterior fossa); basal skull tumors; seizure surgery; awake craniotomy; endoscopic pituitary tumors; functional neurosurgery for deep brain stimulators, movement disorders; spinal cord/peripheral nerve stimulators; interventional neuro-radiology embolization, coiling, stents, strokes; open vascular neurosurgery for AVMs, aneurysms, carotid endarterectomy.
  2. Spine: minimally invasive surgery and large multi-level instrumented cases.

World class Neuro-Anesthesia and Neuro-Critical Care faculty as well as state of the art intra-operative MRI and CT technology facilitate experience in all operating room environments relevant to the specialty.

Fellowship in Neuroanesthesia

Since this is not an ACGME certified fellowship, there is great flexibility in elective opportunities and enrichment education as well as mentored, clinical or basic science research work.

More about our Fellowship