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Division of Liver Transplant Anesthesia

About the Division

UC San Diego is a moderate sized Liver Transplant Program that performs between 30–50 liver transplants per year. The Division of Anesthesia for Liver Transplant forms an integral part of the Multi-Disciplinary Transplant Team in the care of these complex patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in Anesthesia Care specific to our programs needs and foster an environment friendly for professional growth in academics, research and clinical care.

Our Team

We participate in Multi-Disciplinary meetings and collaborate with our Surgeons and Hepatologists to create an optimum environment for the care of our patients. Many members of our team have additional skills and training in other important fields that they bring to Liver Transplant including Pediatric Anesthesia, Critical Care Anesthesia, and Cardiac Anesthesia. Senior residents are introduced to Liver Transplant after completing their Cardiac Anesthesia Rotation and are trained to be proficient in handling these complex cases.

Our team has experience in Veno-Veno Bypass, Live Donor Liver Transplant, Pediatric Liver Transplant and multi-Organ Transplant including Liver/Heart, and Liver/Kidney transplant.

Meet Our Faculty