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Wellness Anesthesia

Our personal and emotional well-being is a surprisingly vital part of every anesthetic. How we are feeling about our lives in general, and our jobs in particular, has an enormous impact on the care of our patients.

Contact Byron Fergerson with any questions or comments.

Departmental Peer Support Group

Our department has developed a peer support team to respond to our colleagues following traumatic cases/events. The purpose is to provide immediate and ongoing emotional support as well as advocate for any additional resources necessary, e.g. time-off, therapy, etc.

If you or another colleague has experienced an adverse event, contact any of the following team members:

Byron Fergerson
Minhthy Meineke
Minh Hai Tran
Sidney Merritt
Wendy Abramson
Ronnie Barak
Andreas Macias
Kim Robbins
Dan Lee



We have set up a listserv that anyone can email:


More information on wellness can be found on the Department iShare site: Wellness iShare