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International Pediatric Anesthesia

Our Active Humanitarian Work

The UC San Diego pediatric anesthesia group is very active in providing humanitarian support for underserved children undergoing surgical procedures both around the world and in the United States. Each year, interested residents have the opportunity to participate in these humanitarian efforts with the strong support of our chairman and the faculty in general. Faculty have also provided extensive financial support to fund resident travel and housing for humanitarian endeavors. 

The pediatric anesthesia faculty have participated in international humanitarian medical trips to Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Kenya, Mexico, and the Philippines. Residents are welcome on any of these trips, which primarily serve pediatric patients requiring oromaxillofacial reconstructive, cardiac or orthopedic surgery. These are busy and extremely rewarding medical experiences that provide life-changing medical care to children in underserved areas of these countries.

Pediatric anesthesia faculty have also participated in humanitarian care within the United States through Samaritan's Purse and Fresh Start locally in San Diego.

Past International Humanitarian Medical Trips

The trips we participate in vary from year to year, here are examples:

Anesthesia for Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery in Mexico
Many residents and attendings have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Interface, a volunteer group based in San Diego and designed to offer reconstructive surgery to children in Mexico. Surgeries include cleft lip and palate repair, correction of hand deformities, burn reconstruction, and other congenital and acquired deformities. Trips often involve weekend dates to various Mexican cities, including Mexicali, which is a short drive southeast from San Diego. These opportunities are offered several times a year.

Anesthesia for Children in the Philippines
Through Philippine American Group of Educators and Surgeons (PAGES), our anesthesiologists have provided anesthesia for underserved children in remote areas of the Philippines. The majority of surgeries were cleft lip and palate repairs, however, other procedures included orthopedic and general surgeries.

Anesthesia for Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery in Ecuador
Sponsored by Project Perfect World Foundation and the Father Damian Foundation, our anesthesiologists have travelled to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to volunteer pediatric and regional anesthesia services as part of a pediatric orthopedic mission to the Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde Children's Hospital.

Anesthesia for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Cambodia at the Angkor Hospital for Children
During this and subsequent trips, the Cambodian surgical team has been trained by our team to perform PDA ligations themselves and we are now performing more complex cardiac surgeries at this site. These trips are supported by Children's Lifeline International.