Follow these simple steps.

1. Protect Your Invention

It is recommended, prior to disclosing your innovation, that you register with the Technology Transfer Office and submit an Invention Disclosure to the Technology Transfer Office.  This will time stamp your innovation and will define the specifications for which you have personally contributed intellectually.  If you wish to develop your ideas with other colleagues or have questions about how to submit an Invention Disclosure, please email us here.

2. Join CTRI.

We recommend all Research and Innovative Faculty to become a member of the Clinical and Translational Research Institute (CTRI).  Membership requirements and benefits are explained.

3. Build Your Team

If you are looking for a faculty mentor to help you with your innovation, please email us here.

If you are faculty looking for residents or fellows to work with you at any stage of your innovation, please email us here.

Within your email, please attach your invention disclosure and add any specific question(s) or aspects of your innovation where you are seeking assistance.  This can range from assistance with concept development, prototyping, designing a research protocol to either help define or test user and/or product specifications, funding resources, all the way through to implementation and commercialization.

4. Collaborate with Researchers

If you are outside the Department of Anesthesiology and are requesting research support to help with your innovation, our Department will work with you and help you develop research methodologies to support an iterative product development plan, please complete this form and email it to our Committee for review.