Fellowship in Pain Medicine

Starting in 1993 the UC San Diego Pain Medicine Fellowship has offered specialist training in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain syndromes, cancer and palliative care, and acute pain. Our fellows learn to employ a multidimensional treatment approach that includes physical therapies, pharmacologic agents, psychological therapies, as well as a broad array of interventional techniques. The program’s multidisciplinary training of pain fellows includes core faculty from anesthesia, PM&R and neurology. Fellows also receive training from guest lecturers and rotation faculty from psychiatry, psychology, palliative medicine, pediatric anesthesia, orthopedic surgery, radiology, rheumatology, and physical therapy. We accept fellowship applicants from all four of the core disciplines: Anesthesia, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurology, and Psychiatry. Clinical training occurs primarily at UC San Diego Health System’s Center for Pain Medicine outpatient and procedures clinics in La Jolla and at San Diego Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) pain clinic and interventional pain procedure suite, also in La Jolla, California. Additionally, fellows consult on inpatients at UC San Diego’s Thornton and Hillcrest Hospitals. Fellows have rotations in Psychiatry, Pediatric pain, Neuro-Radiology and Palliative Care. Each fellow receives 5 to 6 weeks of protected research time during which they may concentrate on a project of their choosing. Fellows are paired with a research mentor who works closely with them throughout the 12 month fellowship. Lectures on research, diagnosis, and management of pain are held weekly and cover a wide range of topics required by the ACGME. Pain Medicine grand rounds are also held weekly and include M&M case conferences, multidisciplinary grand rounds with the pain psychology department, Palliative Care Service joint case conferences, Journal Clubs, Radiology Rounds, Research Forums and a quarterly joint case tele-conference with UC Davis Pain Medicine Program.

The UC San Diego Pain Medicine Fellowship offers four positions per year.


2012-2013 2013-2014
Leo Lombardo, MD
Michael Sein, MD
Zaid Malik, MD
Amol Patwardhan, MD
Christopher Noto, MD
David Hiller, MD December 2013
David Hiller, MD - December 2013
Jeffrey Chen, MD
2014-2015 2015-2016
Jeffrey Chen, MD - November 2014
Omar Halawa, MD
Taghogho Agarin, MD, MPH
Kristen Noon, MD
David Bui, MD
Mikiko Murakami, DO
Robert McLay, MD, PhD
Marisa Terry, MD
Lei Shi, MD, PhD









Clinical Research Opportunities:

  • Phase II and III contract studies on pharmacologic interventions
  • Effect of pharmacological interventions on neuro-sensation
  • Opioids and sleep disordered breathing
  • CRPS and deep tissue perfusion
  • Trancsutaneous magnetic stimulation

Laboratory Research Opportunities:

Preclinical models, peripheral nerve models, toxicology models, spinal cord tissue prep, physiological and behavior models.


Interested Candidates Should Apply through ERAS

    In addition to a complete ERAS application, the following supplemental materials should be sent directly in order to complete the application.

    Required Supplemental Materials:

    1. Copy of Specialty In-Training Scores
    2. Copy of Medical School Diploma and Internship Diploma

    Applications will be accepted from January 1st – April 30th for positions starting the next year.

    Mail or email supplemental materials to:

    Timothy Furnish, MD
    ATTN: Debra Kerrigan, Pain Fellowship Coordinator
    UCSD, Dept of Anesthesiology
    9300 Campus Point Drive, Mail Code 7651
    La Jolla, CA 92037

    For further information, contact:
    Debra Kerrigan
    Pain Fellowship Coordinator
    (858) 657-7072

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Please contact us two weeks after sending supplemental materials to ensure completeness.

    Timothy Furnish, MD
    Director of Pain Fellowship Program
    Department of Anesthesiology

    Thornton Hospital
    9300 Campus Point Dr., MC 7651
    La Jolla, CA 92037

    Office: (858) 657-7030
    FAX: (858) 657-7035
    E-mail: tfurnish@ucsd.edu